Offer - Ozon Therapie for Horse & Rider

Ozon Therapie for Horse & Rider

Ozon Therapie for Horse & Rider

Ozon Horse – an innovative ozonated hydrotherapy system

Ozon Horse – DOPING FREE – successfully used in competition


Ozon Horse is designated for use in animals and was designed based on a long experience with ozonated hydrotherapy in hospitals and clinics which provide rehabilitation treatment to human patients.

EC Quality Assurance System Certificate MED 25026 – ozonated hydrotherapy.

Ozon Horse System - Is recomended by :

Kiecoń Team.jpg - Kiecon Team - one of the most successful jumping rider.

" Thanks for Arpav company - our horse can use Ozon - Hydro therapy even every day. Our top Jumping Horse -Urbane - likes very much that kinds of regeneration after jumping competition or trening. Ozon Horse it is - one of the positively the best system to keep Your horse in a very good condition or rehabilitation" 


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Ozon Horse – a massage with a stream of ozone, air and water – treats, rehabilitates and regenerates tendons, muscles and ligaments in horses.

Ozon Horse – used in all equestrian sports:


-           during treatment of injured tendons, muscles and ligaments

-           for rehabilitation

-           to maintain horses in top condition during competition

-           to regenerate horses following heavy work and transport.

-           ozone aeration  - treatment of fungal infections, antibacterial activity *(wounds, abrasions)


Ozone activity – oxygenates blood, is effective against inflammation, has antibacterial and antifungal activity

Effect of Massage -  fully reactivates blood circulation

Effect of water – lowers temperature and refreshes tired legs after work.

Application time is 25 minutes, recommended for daily use after intensive work in the competition season. Also recommended to use outside the season as a matter of prevention.


Our clients who use Ozon Horse want their horses to become 100% fit in the natural way.  Ozone is not invasive, works gently and gradually, and most importantly is effective in assisting treatment of various health problems in horses.  Horses love the pleasant ozone therapy.


Ozon Horse rubber shoes are accepted very well by horses and are safe in use.


Rubber shoes are quick and easy to use, which makes them ideal to help horses regenerate their legs following competition.

A functional and adjustable harness allows the shoes to be used both on front and hind legs.


Ozon Horse is packed into a convenient, portable protection bag.

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Antibacterial activity has been widely confirmed in publications which confirm that ozone accelerates wound heeling **. 

* Antibacterial activity of ozone was tested at the University of Sienna – test reports are available on request

**  Tests performed with the use of the Ozonomatic devices at the University of Pizza confirmed that wounds and ulceration heel better. The report is available your request.

Ozon Horse is small in size, light and easy to use.

Ozon Horse consists of:

o    Ozone generator

o    Hose (up to 3 m)

o    One or two rubber shoes

o    Harness to stabilise the shoes when they are filled with water

o    Polyurethane hose

o    Infrared remote control

o    Ozon Horse Phone terminal.


Additional equipment for human patients:

o   Bathtub matt

o   Small bath with a matt for foot massage

o   Hair dryer attachment

technical specifications :
Electricity consumption 600 watts / h -  Power supply 230 V - Ozone in the air <0,05 ppm
CE –  two year warranty

Ozon Horse is manufactured in cooperation between

Arpav Sp zoo Poland and Ozonomatic system srl Italy

Community design No. RD….


Ozon Horse – for human patients


The device has been approved to the EC Quality Assurance System Certificate MED 25026 – ozonated hydrotherapy – and is used in clinics, hospitals and sanatoria for medical treatment purposes, rehabilitation or prevention, amongst other things:


-           to treat cardiovascular conditions such as tingling in arms and legs, since these parts of the body are the furthest away from the heart and often have a poor blood supply as we age;

-                     to accelerate rehabilitation after injury by promoting regeneration of tendons and muscles;

-                     to treat and prevent diabetic foot syndrome


as well as

for cosmetic and relaxation purposes in any bath, also at home.

An approximately 20 minute bath will help you recover from the day. It will soothe the pain in your back and relax your muscles after exercise. It will help you manage radicular pain. All this in comfort of your own bathroom, at any time at your convenience. It is sufficient to have some warm water and your favourite massage oil and you can take care of our body and psyche using Ozon Horse without  having to go out.


Specialists developed 11 programmes using various combinations of air flow intensity:
P1 – Stimulating massage
P2 – Relaxation massage
P3 – Massage stimulating circulation
P4 -  Sports massage

P5 – Foot massage (special small bath)

P6 – Hair care programme

P7 – Room and air-conditioning system disinfection programme
P8 – Morning programme
P9 – Night programme
P10 – Anti-cellulite programme
P11 – Self-cleaning programme


Additional kit for human patients:


o   Bath matt

o   Small bath for foot massage

o   Hair dryer attachment

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