Problems with hooves
Horses have been taken out of its original and natural environment. They are continuously exposed to a variety of bacteria, mould, and acids which can attack and destroy the hoof horn.

Dead organic matter, such as manure, is decomposed by microorganisms. These, however, are also dangerous for the hoof horn, as the dead corneous cells can be found on them, and thus also the dead organic matter.
How to treat rainscald?
Rainscald is one of the most common infections in horses. It is a kind of a chronic skin infection, difficult to treat.

Rainscald is caused by a bacterium belonging to the actinomycetes (Actinomycetales): Dermatophilus congolensis. The bacterium is a part of the normal microbial flora of the skin of many animals (sheep, goats, horses), and it is harmless to them.
Unusual effects of applying EM
Even in the stables where the horses are healthy, the use of EM is a blessing for both the animals and people taking care of them.

This is how the use of EM is evaluated by Daniela Otto-Prins, a person professionally dealing with horses, having a lot of knowledge and loving horses. Daniela Otto-Prins has been applying EM for two years in her model stud.

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